High Resolution Dye Sublimation…The wave of the future!

When printed tension fabrics first emerged into the exhibit industry scene about 10 years ago, the barrier to entry for many customers was cost, but with advent of new printing technologies and more durable dyes, the cost has been driven down and the quality up.

The printing process involved in creating our displays is called high resolution "dye sublimation". During the sublimation process, specialized inks are turned directly from a solid into a gaseous state and transferred with heat and pressure onto some of the highest quality fabrics in the industry. The ink cools and becomes a solid again once it's been embedded into the fabric. The continuous tone, near-photographic quality image actually becomes part of the material itself, resulting in a flawless and smooth surface. The dye-sub output is more photo-realistic, more durable, and more resistant to fading, without the vulnerability of laminated media. No more worries about graphics kinking, creasing or de-laminating. Durable dye sub graphics are made with wrinkle resistant fabrics and are machine washable.

Some of advantages of high resolution dye sublimation graphics include:

  • Portability - transporting a fabric booth is easier, lighter and can result in a huge cost savings on shipping costs.
  • Washable - fabric backdrops can be simply washed and are much more durable than traditional displays.
  • No Glare - laminated backdrops tend to give off glare while fabric backdrops have a smooth and non-glossy look which is more suitable for high intensity lighting.

Investigate the advantages of tension fabric and join the wave of the future.

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